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wifi connection

  1. I

    Breeze wifi not showing

    I bought this breeze a week ago. Then had to buy a phone to make it work. Then had to buy a new sim card to make the phone work with a drone. Then had to configure phone to get app working. Then had to install the app. Then loaded the battery and the blue light is flashing on the drone. Then...
  2. K

    Breeze dont Create Wi-Fi

    Hi! I bought Breeze yesterday, and I have a problem. My Drone Doesnt Create a Wi-Fi. Can you help me?
  3. A

    St16 Receiver Issues

    Recently I purchased the Itelite DBS antenna range extender to ensure stronger connections in urban areas. Extender...
  4. K

    Can't get breeze to connect

    Can't get my breeze to connect to the wifi on my Samsung galaxy S7, can anyone help me out please
  5. Discodave1

    Losing my visual on st16 200 ft out

    The WiFi from my St16 controller to the CGO3+ gets weak at 300 ft from bird and disconnects. I can’t see anything. I have tried everything that I know to do.. does anyone have a fix?
  6. F

    Crazy Camera control

    So I took the camera off the drone to use the steady grip. The wires broke. I am using the jumper cable. Most of time I get a green light on camera. However the feed is purple or some other wierd color. Then it might be good for a few minuets. Today the camera light stays white and no Wi-Fi. I...
  7. D

    B4k. Went crazy and flew away. NO GPS + minimum height/speed

    Today I was flying the breeze 4k in a little football field. I wanted to try the flight with the "indoor" mode and I calibrated it with the minimum height, speed and distances. I disabled the GPS so it could fly slowly. I used an iPhone 7 as the control. I took it off the ground and it flew for...