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  1. I

    Yellow icon. IRS is currently out of normal working range

    Getting this message now after 2 months of successful flights. Now with the yellow IRS icon lit, The Breeze won't take off. Frustrated. I returned my first breeze after 30 days with the same issue. Suggestions?
  2. R

    Q500 Keeps Requiring Compass Calibration

    Hello, I recently crashed my Q500, using "smart" mode I ran into a tree. I have replaced the shell and everything looks good in the Q500 GUI. My problem is that each time I power on my Q500, I get a yellow/orange flash indication a compass issue. I have done pretty close to 100 compass...
  3. Rein Bijlsma

    Yellow drone icon when on the ground?

    I bought my Breeze last week and wanted to do my first test flight outside today. I connected with wifi but the drone icon on my phone stayed yellow, so something could be wrong, and I didn't dare to proceed. When I lifted the drone from the ground by hand, it turned blue. Should I proceed...
  4. S

    H flashing purple-white-yellow... uhhhh???

    Hey Gang, I was taking the H out for the first time in 2 weeks after getting a fix from 3rd party shop in Rochester, NY (authorized spot by Yuneec) and we did a test flight there too afterward. But now I'm taking it out and it's giving me this: purple-white-yellow flashing on the rear. Arm...