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  1. T

    18x zoom camera

    I see on Ebay that a Tornado H920 equipped w/ a camera that looks similar to a CGO3 camera. The camera has 18x zoom function (digital I'm assuming), but I can find no other info on it. Does anyone have info or experience with this camera? Thanks for any response.
  2. B

    Drone Spying-Do Privacy Experts Have This Right.

    Recently, I saw a rather disturbing video of a woman in her 20's beating up a young kid around 12 years old because she was dead set in her beliefs that he was spying on her with his drone. That wasn't the first time this had happened as I also saw an older man who had flight goggles on get...
  3. Dirtrider71

    Someone added a zoom camera to the H

    Anyone see this youtube video where someone put a zoom camera on the TH. If someone knows what they are saying, could you please enlighten me. Looks interesting.
  4. Chris McMillan

    Zoom in and out on an "H?

    Has anyone seen this short vid on how to zoom with the ST16? I've tried it but won't work for me, maybe my settings are different... give it a try Druiz!... just noticed your post a few minutes before mine...