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Additional lcd monitor for the ST16?

I don't see an HDMI input for this. Isn't that what you need to connect to the ST16?
Yea, pics dont show one but I am relying on the specs.

Input Singal: VGA,AV1,AV2,Audio,HDMI
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The picture of the back clearly shows the hdmi input

Oh and don't expect any support from feelworld. Seen units that completely stopped working in six months and you are stuck with it.
I don't see an HDMI input for this. Isn't that what you need to connect to the ST16?
If you watch Simon's most recent video he shows that he tested the HDMI out of the ST16. He plugged it into his TV, but you could plug it into pretty much most monitors that accept video input. He said that what you see on the ST16 controller screen is exactly what is pumped out the HDMI out port.
Dont know where the confusion is but I knew the ST16 and the monitor in question both have hdmi ports.

I am just wondering if anyone has suggestions for "any" 10.1" monitor other than the Lumenier or RMRC.

Thanks for the info on the feelworld.
I too would like to hear of other options on FPV monitors with HDMI ports
I do know this much, with a 10.1" you do not what to go any less than Brightness: 450cd/m².
If you want brighter then your gonna have to go down to a 7 or 8"
One other problem is screen glare.
Would have been nice if I could use my iPad Pro for a second screen
Yea. I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 but I think it only has a hdmi "out" port.
I have several 7" monitors with my video production gear...As well as the Flysight Black Pearl I will use. My interest is to get the monitor up instead of having to stare down at the ST16 .... And if anyone had ideas on mounting it to the ST16 please post. But, I also don't want a rig/ground station that weighs 10 pounds around my neck and try to fly for any length of time..
Could you use the attach points for the ST16 neck strap to secure a larger monitor to?
Just an Idea.
You can. There is a video (I'll have a hunt for it) in which a guy has done just that.
If you blink you'll miss it..... I see the clip, but where/how do you attach it? is this self made or is there something on the market one can purchase?
I believe the Yuneec harness has 4 clips (multi point" described by one un box video. The one in this video is one utilised for the extra screen added on. Nobody so far has featured the harness completely. Looking at the rectangular shape you would need to use all 4 of the connector on the controller to maintain stability.

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