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Ty Pilot

One Hexy Pilot
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Feb 24, 2017
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Central Florida
Just a public service announcement ;) - Flying season is here, make sure you and your equipment are working properly.

Had a little shoot to do today and I hadn't flown the H Plus in a little over two months. Prior to going to the property I decided I would charge an extra battery and do an extended preflight at home in order to make sure everything was up to par. As I booted up I decided I would let everything sit for at least ten minutes or so to make sure the GPS list was updated, and while doing this; I check the RC Monitor and sure enough - J3 was sitting at 20% with the stick at rest.

This is just a reminder to all, if you haven't flown in a while, check your equipment and make sure everything is working properly. Perform a thorough preflight and make your first flight of the season a simple 'check ride' to ensure all flight parameters are normal. My Typhoon H worked for three years without a hitch but my Plus has needed a stick cleaning 3 times in two and a half years. The process only took about 15 minutes, was easy and works flawlessly again. Here are a few pics but if you need to check/clean your sticks and have never done it, there are some good videos in the sticky section to show you step by step

Stick1.jpg Stick2.jpg

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