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Best Practices in UAV Cinematography-Sponsored by YUNEEC

Mar 30, 2016
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If you're in Las Vegas, Portland, Hollywood, Seattle, you'll want to make it to this event. This is a single-evening version of the Master Class I taught at NAB for $700.00 as part of the UAV sessions at the National Association of Broadcasters.

Freebie stuff from all manufacturers, I'm very excited to be doing these presentations for Drones Plus, DJI, Autel, 3DR, and Yuneec (and I'll have a couple other products with me too). Topics found below.

Free registration can be found:

Las Vegas Hollywood/Studio City Portland Seattle

Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Toronto, and Chicago are all in the scheduling stages for late summer.
I hope to meet some of you there. This is not a sales-event; it is a service Drones Plus and their vendors are providing for their customers/UAV operators.

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Intro to UAV/Drone Cinematography aka “Dronography”
  • Legal stuff
    • Pre-planning
    • Setups for popular UAV cameras
    • Codecs
    • Filters/lens options
    • Pre-flight/kneeboarding
We’ll also discuss 333 Exemptions, 336 Exemptions, the upcoming Part 107, and what it means to both hobbyist/recreational operators and commercial pilots. We’ll also have a brief discussion/demonstration of how Nav charts are read, and why you need to know this important information. Finally, we’ll provide a list of solid resources for your personal study.

Basics of Flight
  • Standard shot sequences/setups for best-success in post
In this segment, we’ll present standard camera moves, how they relate to cutting a story together, and provide the “best” look for client or your own video productions. We’ll dial into, and demonstrate creative shot types for best presentation of your subject matter.

The “Perfect” Checklist
  • Guaranteed successful story shot list aka "The Money Shots."
Every filmmaker/storyteller has a list of “gotta have” shots to assure that the story may be completely told. This list and demonstration of default/gotta-have shots will provide the tools you’ll want in order to satisfy every client.


10 tips for perfect success on every shoot, one page at a time.

Processing Aerial Footage in Post
  • Standard editing techniques
  • Color correction standards/resolutions
  • Stabilization tools
This segment will look at various Non-linear Editing systems from Adobe, Blackmagic Design, Sony, and Apple. We’ll discuss and demonstrate common starting points, standard codec challenges/solutions, and techniques that will really make your footage shine.

We’ll also discuss and demonstrate post-stabilization solutions for those windy days that confound even the best gimbal systems.

Contact Don Garland at the Drones Plus in Dallas; he's been given the opportunity. I'd love to hit Dallas again.
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