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CES 2017= Real Pics of Yuneec's New Model & Valet Drone

I'm very surprised at the price. That sets it up there with the Tornado and the Inspire 2. Meanwhile, DJI just came out with the Phantom 4 Pro for half the price. I'm a big fan of Yuneec and love my H, but at that price point, I'm sure Yuneec will sell more of the camera units for H users then sell the new H Pro. I just don't see the value at that price point.
I really would like to test this. Hey Guys there at Yuneec, I'd like to be a customer that test this. I'll be happy to pay for it. I also do youtube reviews. Please visit my youtube page at www.youtube.com/tommydrone
And please let me purchase or get the Valet Drone to test for you. I need this drone for the security feature it offers.
Please consider me for a possible tester.



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