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  1. SkyVidTek

    DIY LiHV Charge Cables

    I had previously made a few LiHV charge cables by painstakingly casting the individual connectors in JB weld, then encasing them in a 3D printed housing of my own design. But I thought I could put my unused Yuneec LiHV charger boxes to better use as they don't have a "store" function and were...
  2. YUNH520116SVC.jpeg


  3. D

    H520 RTK

    I am in the US and bought a H520 with the assurance that the RTK system would be available “soon”. That was in February! Yuneec USA will only day that they are “working on it “. with no details or further information. I am a commercial operator using the drone for site mapping, 3D modeling etc...
  4. Drones.scot

    CGOet Camera for H520

    Only been used twice, as new. This camera was purchased just over a year ago but was only used twice. I am looking for £1300, ONO. I am based in Perth, Scotland so if you are close by you can pick up otherwise I will post it out to UK residents.
  5. abant

    Does Yuneec Europe still exists?

    The problem with the drone appeared about six weeks ago: After the software update ST16 does not receive telemetry from the drone. To solve it I sent a drone (H520) for repairs to "Yuneec Europe" to Germany. Today marks exactly one month from the date of shipment. Drone is still with them. Once...
  6. WheelsUp

    Ancient sinkhole in a Southwest Georgia forest

    H520 w/ E90 camera Challenging shoot: - 25MPH winds - lots of obstacles to avoid - the only clear place to take off and land was 50 yards away - lost GPS down in the sinkhole so I was flying on the sticks
  7. DroneCalzone

    H520 ST16S + UAV Pilot Simulator

    Hey guys, so I need to configure an ST16S to work with the Yuneec simulator dongle/UAV Pilot Flight Simulator. I'm aaalmost there, too ;). I plugged in the dongle, turned on the simulator on my laptop (win10), I clicked "Radio" tab on the program, then Bind Yuneec USB Reciever. A window...
  8. N

    H520 Offline Maps

    I have been encountering a slight problem with my offline maps, and was wondering if anyone knows a way to fix this. I can download whatever maps I want when I am connected to wifi and the "Tile Groups" show up with the green dot as downloaded, but whenever I go out to the field they show up...
  9. ShawnIde

    H520 Mapping on the Yuneec Typhoon Plus

    Hey guys! I am ordering my Yuneec Typhoon H Plus tomorrow and I was wondering if the mapping software on the H250 will be available on the Typhoon H Plus. I know that the body styles are the same... Not sure about the internals. And the Controllers are identical (different firmware). I would...
  10. Pilgrim23

    Good Monitor for live streaming

    Hi, I'm doing a lot more out in the sticks work. I need a decent monitor, prob about 27" ? That can be placed on the tailgate of my vehicle and conect to my Yuneec ST16S via hdmi, for live streaming. Also is the stream at 720 or 1080 ? I don't think much point in spending a fortune for a 4k as...
  11. P

    POI coming to H520!! (?)

    Hey all, I came across this on the Dronecode site: Structure Scan · QGroundControl User Guide QGC (this is what Datapilot is, just repackaged) now supports circular structure scans. They are also working on PX4 firmware to match the mission planning side of this. Presumably when that...
  12. S

    H520 Maximum Flight Time

    So I am having a real dickens of a time finding where the actual max flight time for the H520 is. The closest I can come is the generic specs that google returns, but nothing on its actual max flight time. In theory as long as it gets a constant supply of power and data it will just hover away...
  13. D

    Datapilot stops during flight

    last flight datapilot stops on ST16S, it restarts but i have a 1 to 2 minutes no camera view. Controls are ok but it is scary. Sombody same problem here ?
  14. E

    Using two separate drone to map a location

    Hi All, I am very new to drones & mapping so this might sound like an inane question, I would like to map 3d or 2d a property I am having refurbished and would like as much detail as possible of the areas under the eaves, patio etc but the property is hugged closely with trees. My approach is...
  15. GRFD8121

    AirMap Missing H520 from Yuneec List

    I recently attempted to make use of AirMap, an app which makes checking airspace easy and creating flight plans even easier. They provide a list of Yuneec airframes as part of the flight plan creation but have not included the H520 as of yet. I have contacted them and ask them to include it...
  16. M

    FPV compatibility for H520

    Can anyone tell me whether the Yuneec Skyview goggles and the Avegant Glyph headset work with the H520-I have contacted Avegant and Yuneec but cannot get a definitive answer. If any member has successfully used these devices with the H520 I would really like to know their opinions.
  17. D

    Datapilot planner "offline maps"

    Hi, I have a H520 since last week and i have a problem: When I download offline maps with datapilotplanner on my Mac and the I sync them with my st16s, I did not see them on my controller. The datapilot planner on my Mac sent them and give me a notice that everything is ok and done. Is there...
  18. N

    Team Mode H520

    Does anyone know if team mode will be available for the H520? It would be cool if one person can fly and the other can take pictures or film.
  19. J

    Yuneec H520 Drone+E90 Camera With 4 Batteries $2,800

    Yuneec H520 with E90 4k 60fps camera. Drone has been test flown and taken on jobs for backup, but was never flown for work. Less than 12 flights, like new. Offered for $2,800, which includes 2 extra flight batteries. Message me if you are interested.
  20. F

    CGOET for sale (H520 version)

    IMG_0691 by FasterPastor posted May 4, 2018 at 1:21 PMIMG_0697 by FasterPastor posted May 4, 2018 at 1:21 PMSo purchased this directly from Yuneec in January 2018 thinking I would develop some offerings with thermal. Now it is May....... Flew it twice just to try it out. One pleasant surprise...