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CGO3 camera pointing forward

Apr 11, 2022
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Kamloops B.C Canada
I am having a problem with my Chroma CGO3 camera pointing forward. When I power up the camera it centres itself no problem all good but when it connects to my ST10+ controller the camera tilts down. I can use the side controller to bring it back to pointing forward but I don't think thats right. I have attached a video to show what's happening. Everything else is working fine. Also not sure it it's related but when hooking up to GUI it shows my Roll Pitch and Yaw as being off when on a flat surface( see attached photo ) I have honestly spent hours on this but have been unable to find anything. Any help would be appreciated .
Do a proper calibration of the ST10+. Search the forum. There is discussed many times.
In the picture, you have uploaded, the camera position corresponds to the position of the slider. Where is the problem?

About the values, are they change when you move the copter? Also are they stable if the copter is not moved?
Hi Vaklin.
Thank you for your reply. I am still new at this and learning as much as I can before I post questions. Previously when the slider was in the middle the camera was pointing forward and when I moved the slider forward the camera would tilt up and then moving full scale back it would pan down. I have only owed the Chroma a few weeks so again just learned. If that the correct positioning I won’t bother with it. As for the values yes they move corresponding to how I move it. The values do fluctuate while it is not moving a bit.
Thanks fir your input.
With the slider all the forward the camera should be pointing forward (level). As you rotate the slider to the rear the camera will point down. I think it may be working like it should.
If the camera doing the full path and the position is the same as the slider where the slider is placed, no reason to hesitate.

About the values. Are there some issues in flight? I'm not familiar with this exact model, but some kind of calibration can be done (I hope).

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