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Connects to CGO3, I see Pic, but no telemetry and no start after firmware update!?

Jul 3, 2016
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Hi All,

I just updated the firmware on both the ST16 and H. ST16 is now v03.01.b22, and I used the US version for the CGO3 to speed up the connection and signal etc. Camera firmware version is now showing as V3.2.0.7(A), which is the US version as expected.

After restarting, the camera does indeed connect in about 20 seconds and I get the full picture on the ST16. However, I now have no telemetry whatsoever!! All the Typhoon H readings down the left are empty, and it will not take off. I looked at the Binding, but it says it's fine. I reset this, and entered the 1234567890 password and after about 20 seconds it says Connection Established! Although, on the screen, the orange writing at the top says Not Connected (see pic). Anyway, the H s now a ghost! I have no readings and no functionality. I am assuming it must be related to the firmware update, but I followed the procedure that all seemed to go as planned?!

Only thing is, I did this all on a Mac. Would that mess with this? I have since re-downloaded the binary file on a PC, and run the update. Although after only a few seconds it said 'update completed', whereas the original update took a few minutes.

Am I missing something obvious, or any ideas out there?! Is it possible to reset to default and start again maybe? Need some help as have a job next week!

Thank you! Jason.


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