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Dune's Island - A Free Video Learning Series

Mar 1, 2016
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Hi everyone,

If you happen to have kids (or know someone who does) here's a brand new free resource that I hope is helpful. It's a website for my video learning series, “Dune’s Island,” which aims to teach kids environmental stewardship in a really fun way through stories and characters. Within the site you can freely access all the episodes, support documentaries and even tie-in curriculum (like vocabulary, math problems, writing prompts and more.)

In the coming weeks, I’ll be expanding the site with all kinds of activities and more cool documentaries, so please be sure to bookmark it. In the meantime, any and all feedback is welcome and very much appreciated. Enjoy and stay safe.

Dune's Island Wix Site Image_v002_reduced.jpg
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That looks like the Atlantic coast of Florida Eric. You created a good program and I’ll explore more of it while cooped up at home.
My wife and I gave up on our daytrip to South Ponte Vedra Beach that we usually take near our anniversary in early March.
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That looks like the Atlantic coast of Florida Eric. You created a good program and I’ll explore more of it while cooped up at home.
My wife and I gave up on our daytrip to South Ponte Vedra Beach that we usually take near our anniversary in early March.

Yep, you're absolutely right. We make the films in partnership with the Marine Science Center in Ponce Inlet, Florida. I hope they are helpful. :)

This would be a good pastime for kids stuck at home right now. Thanks Eric.

You're very welcome! Volusia County Schools already use the films and the curriculum (which was written by a team of their teachers) but we want to make it all available to kids, parents and teachers worldwide. Getting the word out has proved to be a massive challenge, though, so please feel free to share it on social media (and encourage others to do the same.) Thanks in advance. :)
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If anyone happens to wonder what I get up to when I’m not creating music for everyone, I write and direct films that hopefully help kids (and grownups) learn important things.

Here’s a link to the page on my new site where you can freely access all of the “Dune’s Island” episodes. I’ve enabled the download function on Vimeo so you don’t even have to be online to share it with your kiddos.

Episodes | Dunesisland

Enjoy…and please feel free to share with anyone who might find it useful.

Stay safe and healthy.

Dune's Island_Website Episodes Image.jpg
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I had always intended "Dune's Island" to be an immersive learning world. The idea was to produce films that teachers and home educators could actually pull lessons from to share with their students. After completing the episodes, a team of science teachers went through the films and created curriculum for grades K-5 that ties into the episodes.

Here's a link to it: Curriculum | Dunesisland

Please feel free to share it!
Dune's Island_Website Curriculum Image.jpg
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If you've been following my music sharing thread over the years, you know that I'm not one to toot my own whistle, but I've been getting some very positive feedback about "Dune's Island" from parents and teachers so I included a "Praise for Dune's Island" page on the site.

Given the current environmental situation, I believe that this is a very important project. Getting the word out about it is a massive challenge, though...especially since it has no advertising budget. If you think "Dune's Island" might be helpful to someone you know, please share it with them. Thanks in advance!

Here's Episode 1 of my free learning series. Mr. Binnacle sends Dune and friends to the inlet to try to spot Buster, an endangered sea turtle whose tracking device is faltering. For ages 7-12. Please share with family, friends and teachers! :) https://www.dunesisland.org/
Here’s a short clip from one of our episodes: “Pelican Problems.”

All of the episodes are free to watch and even download to your computers so you don’t have to be online to use them. You’ll find them here:

HOME | Dunesisland

I sincerely hope they are helpful to you and your families!
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Hi everyone,

I’m working on worksheets and activities that parents and teachers can download for their students…the idea being that the island serves as a microcosm and provides a way for kids to build their math, science and reading skills. I think this will be a really cool way for kids to learn.

If you haven’t seen the videos yet, here’s a link the website:

HOME | Dunesisland

Check them out…they are free to watch and download.

Eventually I’d like to have tie-in video games…any ideas?
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