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Error in updating my ST16+... You CAN help.....PLEASE!!!

Jun 10, 2018
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Hi all, I've just done a firmware update on my ST16+, and either because the file corrupted when it was downloaded, or for whatever reason, it will now only boot into tablet mode. Yes, I've tried the reset option in Android!
We established it's because I'm missing the 'FlightMode.apk' file, which will make the remote boot into the normal telemetry screen, which would mean I could then update via USB cable or on a new SD card with a fresh download.
I spoke to Graham at Yuneec UK Tech Support, who is conferring with his colleagues in Germany, but on a German forum, I found this: Flightmode apk - Drohnen-Forum.de - Quadrocopter, Multicopter und FPV
Someone was asking if another member in the group would copy their Flightmode.apk file and send it to him so that he could try to reflash the handset. Apparently it worked, and I wondered if anyone with an ST16+ would be kind enough to do the same? The file is located in: Find the flightmode.apk in the firmware at ST16_V3.1.30 \ update \ system \ app \ FlightMode.apk (~ 18MB)
I will NOT be flying my drone with this file, merely using it to update the firmware. Otherwise I have to send the handset back etc etc and I have some flying I'd like to do tomorrow and Thursday.
If anyone would be kind enough to send me the file, or tell me where I can find it, I'd be extremely grateful. I think they guys at Yuneec are worried about warranty. As far as I'm concerned it's already bust, so worth a shot to fix it. Yes, the prudent thing to do would be to wait, but I wont get this opportunity to fly (on this particular piece of private property again, so I'm happy to take the risk, no need for (well intended, I know) advice! Many thanks indeed.

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