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Go Pro on the Q500+

May 8, 2016
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I decided to get a new gimbal to put the go pro onto my Q500+. It fits ok, and the gimbal works ok, but the camera doesn't show on the controller. I selected the Go Pro on the camera settings, but what else do I need to do? How do I set the wifi on the Hero4 Silver? It's all new to me. Thanks
I don't know much about the "G" version of the Q500+ but I thought it had a special antenna for the GoPro with the gimbal. Sounds like you are not using the Yuneec G gimbal? The wifi on your GoPro might interfere with your Q500+ otherwise, I'm guessing. I know that on other quads (Blade 350 QX/2/3) using theGoPro they have to wrap the camera with copper foil. You might want to keep that in mind.

And no, I don't think you'll be able to see your footage on the ST10+ from the GoPro without that special Yuneec G antenna.
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Did you buy the Yuneec GoPro gimbal?

If so then you need to bind the MK58 to the ST10+ just like any camera. Once you have a bind you will get video down link to the ST10+. Do not use the 2.4 Ghz from the GoPro, it is the same frequency as the RC channel and will interfer with control of the quad.
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Hey thanks for getting back to me guys.
Good to get that info from you Q500 RATT all this info helps.
Yes KBflyer that's the kit I got - no instructions so seeing the GoPro on the camera selection, I thought it would be easy. Can you tell me how I bind it and can I select to back to the CGO2+ anytime or will I have to rebind that at the time?
Thanks so far.
Just thought I'd mention - the sticky pad on the MK58 bit only held for about a day before it dropped off and that was sat inside. I added two thin strips of sticky to it as the MK58 is flat, but the body of the Q500 does curve where you want it. I then put two tie wraps across from one leg to the other tight up to the body of the MK58 for belt and braces job. Glad I wasn't flying when it dropped.

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