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GUI not connecting

Feb 28, 2016
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I'm a new pilot but pretty experienced with computers. I'm trying to connect my Q500 4K to my windows 10 PC. I've updated the USB drivers and when I connected the first time, the usb driver icon showed that with was recognizing a new device. So I opened GUI but it won't connect. The red dot keeps blinking in the lower left and it says "Disconnected. Trying port COM3" Then it says "...COM1" - back in forth. I've tried restarting both PC and Q500, disconnecting plugs and both ends (USB and serial), turning on Q500 first then opening GUI and vice versa. I've tried running the GUI in compatibility mode, as adminstrator and I've uninstalled both the usb drivers and the GUI and reinstalled as administrator but nothing. I've found some vague hints that in might not be compatible with Windows 10. Is there any users here that have been able to get it to work with Windows 10? ..and if so, did you have any issues that you were able to resolve?
Also, the main LED blinks blue repeatedly and the front prop LEDs blink red while the back blink white if that helps at all.
I don't need to update the firmware as it came with 1.7 (which i think is the latest) but I wanted to see how the sensor info was relayed and the GPS info.

thank you in advance for any help!
Hi Sticks,
thanks for the reply ..yes, well I downloaded them from the link provided within the GUI which goes to a chip manufacturers website.

I followed that video as well.
I wanted to follow up here also ..I did get a new usb programmer cable and it worked perfectly. I contacted Yuneec and though they were willing to ship a "free" one, they wanted $15 for shipping. BH Photo has them for $10 with free shipping. So all is good! Thanks for all the help!

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