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H Plus saying its in a restricted safety area when its not.

That said, if you need to re-bind your camera (which needs a password / keyboard) and the grid lines / histogram are on you cannot get to the menu to switch them off unless you have a camera working, catch 22!
Maybe someone knows of a way to get to the histogram settings without a camera bound.
I'm not sure I'm addressing the correct concern.
But you can bind a camera by starting the controller, exiting the main screen, and binding the camera directly in the Android WIFI settings. That should allow you to turn off the gridlines and histogram.
I'm not sure because I could not duplicate the exact problem shown in your video. Mine goes into a similar non-functional state, but half the keyboard is visible. Not sure why the difference.
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Thanks @WTFDproject I didn't think of trying binding in the Android environment. It took me about 5 mins to get the password in!

I've also had half a keyboard, not sure the setting difference which creates half a keyboard or a keyboard fading.

I think were all fixed for now.

Off researching ST16S batteries now just incase that dies!

Thanks for all your help

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