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H520 eChecklists

Apr 27, 2019
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I could really use your help! Check out my H520 eChecklists on Process St and let me know what you think.

I think drones are the next wave of automation challenging many business areas and markets, and I want the H520 to be right in the middle of it with consistent and repeatable engagements! With your assistance we can make a difference :)


After doing some research on current checklists, it seems to me that the days of laminated A5 hard cards could be enhanced with something a little 'smarter' and more flexible. I can't imagine anyone doing commercial drone operations not having access to a PC, smartphone, and/or tablet.

I might not be much of a drone pilot yet, but I've been a programmer all my life and I've had lots of experience automating business processes. At first I used an Android app and built an electronic pre-flight checklist that wasn't bad and met my needed initially. But there are a lot activities associated with the flight beyond a pre-flight check.

I stumbled upon some routine maintenance procedures in a website called "Process St." that someone created. There are a handful of drone checklists based on the popular DJI platform. They're a comprehensive checklists but completely separate from each other. I updating them for the Yuneec H520 and integrated them with a master H520 workplan I wrote. These "smart" and comprehensive checklists adapt to changes (ie. no flight prep until job approved) as the project grows and with Process St. you can access the real-time and interactive checklists from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

The way it works

As the relationship of a new customer, client, project, etc. (whatever you want to call it) begins, a new engagement is triggered in "Process St." which is geared specifically to these types of activities. This master engagement will create several other sub-checklists through the life of the project such as Site Safety Check, Drone Prep, Post-Flight, etc. that are done to complete that specific part of the job.

Your Help

I imagine most H520 pilots are engaged in photography jobs for various clients in some sort of business fashion. Getting your thoughts and constructive feedback on these checklists would be greatly appreciated. Your practical experience and subject matter expertise on drone best business practices would be invaluable to me and others that might use or reference these checklists. If you run the checklists it is very easy to give feedback and comments directly in every task and at the end.

View Engagement

You will be taken to view the H520 New Engagement master template. You will see all the defined tasks for the checklist regardless of the dynamic status, so many tasks would normally be hidden at first. If you want to actually run the checklist go to the NEXT LINK below here (The Beginning). You can click on the "I want this for my business" button and copy that checklist to your own Process St. organization. If you want to copy these checklists and make your own versions, just sign up for an account (its free) and I can walk you thru how to do that.

The Beginning

You will see the H520 New Engagement trigger template. If you want to actually run the checklist you can (for a limited time) click on the green "Run checklist" and you can actually try the checklist out, which is the best way to experience the system. When run, one of the tasks will create the master checklist after answering a few key questions. Record the answers to those form questions and start a New Engagement which will show up in a new window.
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