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HI Guys. AUSTRALIA Yuneec H520 For sale - Working Great.

May 25, 2016
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Hi guys.
Im in Australia, Canberra.
I have a Yuneec H520 for sale, in full working condition, with 3 batteries, controller two Controller shades, All bookwork, instructions etc , Two extra programmable chargers come with the Aircraft, these are way better than the original single charger and come with spare cables and boards, spare props and Two 64Gb Micro SD cards are included.
I do not have the original box, it was lost somehow in the move.
This Aircraft works and fly's well, The batteries are ok, not brand new.

I will ship anywhere in Australia only, and am happy to pay half of the calculated cost, but only after it has been paid for.
Also happy to have you come and test fly it as well.

Asking $2500.00 Or best offer.
Please Pm if you need more details.


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