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In smart mode, yaw control question

Feb 10, 2016
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Gentlemen have question about the yaw control when flying in smart mode.

I was flying today and on the first two batterie packs with no incident. Flew in all modes (smart, angle etc.). Everything worked fine in smart/follow me mode and was able to control the yaw left and right. In watch me mode, no problem as well. Camera followed my movements and drone yawed with my movements. The problem came while flying on my third battery pack. In smart mode I was unable to yaw anymore left or right. The quad was locked in one direction but all other controls worked fine. I switch to angle mode and all controls worked fine. Again when I switched back to smart mode no yaw control. I switched on the watch me mode and the copter would yaw according to my position however when. I turned the watch me mode off the copter would yaw on its own and into a locked position. I tried this three times with the same results. I don't recall the drone acting this way on my first two batteries/flights nor do I know what "I might have done" to cause this.

Anybody have any reasons for this happening ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, marcusg
I can tell you that when my Q is in WATCH ME mode, I cannot yaw because the camera is supposed to stay locked on the st10, and I can move in other ways and the camera will stay on the st10... but when in SMART mode only ...you should definitely be able to control yaw movement...I doubt you did anything wrong..!! btw ..what firmware version do you have ?? are you getting a green light with any other color flashes from under your Q ?? successful calibration of compass and accelerometer ??
Nah, I was in follow me mode when it happened. When I was in watch me mode it didn't yaw either but the quad moved as needed to keep the camera on me. (Please read my third post in this thread for a more detailed explanation.)

Having said that, I went flying yesterday and everything was working like it supposed to. :) I'm still puzzled on what happened the other day. I don't know what happened but I know what mode I was in and the difference between the two modes.

Thanks, marcusg.
Thats definitely sound out of the norm..... You might try checking the flight data from the sd card (thats hopefully) in your st10 on a program like exmaps and see if theres any errors logged while in flight . !!!

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