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LAANC Authorization into the Drone

Oct 23, 2022
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I have a Typhoon H. My house is in a LAANC area. I used the Air Control App to obtain an approved LAANCE request to fly my drone. HOW do I convince the drone that I can fly? The software on the controller just uses the GPS coordinates , says I'm in a no fly zone, and won't start up. I think it was the app that indicated I needed to "connect the app to the controller". Once again "HOW do I convince the drone that I can legally fly since I have authorization?"
What airport are you near? If it is a Class B or Class C airspace, you will likely have to get the NFZ Removal to use the Typhoon H there.

Yuneec aircraft do not interface with most apps that allow you to get LAANC clearances. Those apps usually only interface with DJI.
Once again "HOW" do I convince the drone that I can legally fly since I have authorization?"
Try a deep somber voice??????🤣

As mentioned by @DoomMeister - you can't do this with a Yuneec drone. However, getting a permanent NFZ removal for your Yuneec drone is the answer. I just wish all the 'newer' and 'better' o_O drone manufacturers did it that way, because trust me; once you don't have to deal with all the nanny-ware/app - handshake, secret, signal cross-platform . . . BS - you'll be wondering why others don't allow this.

Ultimately WE are the PICs and don't need to deal with all the hoop-jumping. Sign a document one time that you understand that you are responsible, pay a tiny fee and be done with it. You'll thank Yuneec later. ;)

Sorry for a bit of a rant, can you tell I hate what I have to do to fly those 'other' drones in controlled airspace with proper authority? Sheeeeeeeeshhhh!!!!!!! 🤬;)🤣

Check out @Yuneec Skins to get a NFZ removal and be done with the non-sense.

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