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Mantis Q no video no actualiza no descarga.

Aug 20, 2023
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Estoy muy entusiasmado por haber ingresado a este mundo de los drones, me inicie con un mantis Q de medio uso, lamentablemente mi equipo esta fallando y no he podido corregir los problemas ; 1 no despliega video en pantalla y parpadea mucho, 2 no se puede actualizar , 3 no permite descargar los archivos para verlos directo en la app.el móvil que uso es una Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra.

I am very excited to have entered this world of drones, I started with a half-use Q mantis, unfortunately my computer is failing and I have not been able to correct the problems; 1 does not display video on the screen and flashes a lot, 2 cannot be updated, 3 does not allow you to download the files to view them directly in the app. The mobile I use is a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.
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The Android version of the Yuneec Pilot app for the Mantis series of drones does not work well with newer versions of the Android OS. The iOS version of the app is much more stable.

1) the lack of a video feed is the major issue in the Android version. Some users have gone into the port settings on their phone and set it for data only while using the Yuneec Pilot app and restore the video feed.

2) the Mantis series drones cannot be updated any longer because the updates were all done OTA (over the air). A downloadable version was never released to the public. I do not know of any service centers that have the firmware.

3) this does work in the iOS version of the app. The issue you describe for the Android version may be related to the video feed issue.

You may be able to find earlier versions of the Android version of the Yuneec Pilot app at APK repositories and give them a try.
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