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Map gimbal pan channel to turtle rabbit control possible?

May 19, 2016
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So Cal
I don't use the turtle control and was curious about using it to pan the camera, is it possible to swap these to channels?
Most likely, but I would not like to the guinea pig to mess with them to try, as even the slightest miss adjustment can mess up a whole bunch of controls on other functions, as many are tied together !
So what am I missing here? I can go into the Channel settings screen, but don't seem to have the options to change the channel settings?
In my opinion it would be more convenient to be able to keep both thumbs on the sticks and operate the camera pan with my index finger alone rather than have to remove a hand completely and adjust a dial. The dial would also serve a better visual indicator to what speed (rabbit / turtle / middle) the response setting is on. Just my opinion though.
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I like this idea. The output values from every transmitter I have used are all the same on all channels. So if you can remap these it should work fine. I have soooo many projects right now this will wait but it is on the list.
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You'd think someone would have posted a comprehensive video on all the things that can be done with the channel settings. I've messed with expo and such, but don't care to spend the time figuring it all out.

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