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New from Massachusetts

Apr 5, 2016
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Hello everyone. After HOURS and HOURS of research, I finally pulled the trigger on a Q500 4K yesterday! You just gotta love YouTube for research like this, although you also have to be able to balance all of the information. There are a lot of DJI fanatics out there that will tell you that there is no comparison between the DJIs and Yuneecs. I see less of the opposite (Yuneec fanboys), but I think that will change because I think the Yuneec platform is awesome. I know, I know, I don't have any real experience to make that statement, but that's the feel I get from the research.

I was also considering the DJI 3 Advanced or Pro, but the DJI customer service reputation and the flight characteristics of the two platforms swayed me to the Q500. I think the slower, less jerky, movements of the Q500 will provide better quality video, which is my main purpose for getting the quad.

The thing that was keeping the DJI in the running till the end was the range, both in flight distance and in FPV video signal back to the radio. I don't think I really need to fly out a mile or more, but I do wonder if the lesser range in the Q500 will bite me eventually. I understand that there are options for 3rd party range extenders, so that concern is lessened by that. I'm going to fly it as it is for at least the 6 months of warranty coverage, then determine if the range extender is needed.

I'm pretty new to the quad/drone thing (still don't know what to call it - I see that many people don't like to refer to them as drones). I bought a Syma X5C a few months ago and have a couple dozen flights on that. That gave me the itch to get a real machine.

I couldn't be more excited to dive head-first into this drone/quad world. If anyone has suggestions about clubs in the Mass/RI area, I'd love to hear from you.

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