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Not Connecting

Jan 2, 2016
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So I unpacked my new typhoon, read ALL the instructions, charged the batteries, and turned on the devices, but the camera won't connect to the controller. Help!
Do you have gold contacts on the bully of the bird where the fumble slides over?

If you do, make sure the camera is fully seated backward. I had to really use pressure (not force) to "click" the camera into place.

If you don't have contacts, there is an cable ypunhave to connect from the gimble to the bird.

Just some thoughts...
Contacts are good. The controller isn't searching for a signal, I don't think, or the aircraft is not broadcasting.
look in the manual under cgo3 binding..it's easy to do the actual binding of the cgo to the st10..try that
Tried binding many times. Doesn't stick. Looks like st10 memory has been wiped. Guages all blank. Not even quad model is listed.
I would call Yuneec customer service .....they ll get you right !!!
:( I did. They were unable to help. Went through the process of updating st10 and q5004k, still no connection, no meter functions. I'm returning the whole mess for a refund.
I had the same problem.

Though the model I had selected showed on the ST10+ it wouldn't find it to bind too.

Check in the manual, page 27 entitled "ST10+ and receiver binding"

Turn the Q500 4K on then holding by the back tip it forward 45 degrees then level it, repeat and the rear light should turn orange ... Then try binding.

It should show as a choice.

Hope this helps anyone in the same situation.
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[ I would call Yuneec customer service .....they ll get you right !!! ]

[ "I did. They were unable to help" ]

Now that is encouraging........ sports fans

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