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Question: Where are the ST16 antennas supposed to "point"?

Aug 17, 2016
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Portland, Oregon, USA
Are the two antennas (R/C link and wifi video mushroom) supposed to be pointing vertical (up), or oriented toward the drone as it is flying? Does it even make a difference? I see on the Yuneec site they are "vertical" but hey, no way of knowing if they are following best practices in a beauty shot... I also have an Itelite DBS range extender that explicitly states it should be pointed at the H while flying because, duh, it's highly directional. Is there any orientation of the stock bits that is better than another? Are there any aftermarket antennas that fit the stock antenna mounts that improve general (not directional) performance (that you as a pilot have used)? My thanks in advance.
Don't aim them at the aircraft. Certainly not with the stick antenna. That one has a null zone emanating from the end of the antenna.

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On the H, both the control and the Mushroom video antenna are omnidirectional and work best when they are perpendicular to the drone. Imagine a doughnut stuck over the antenna representing the radiowaves being emitted. The strongest signal is when the doughnut is edge on. Looking down over the doughnut you see a hole, this hole is the weakest signal.

The video signal on the H Pro uses a directional patch antenna instead of the Mushroom, in this instance the directional patch antenna works best when pointed directly at the drone. The other 2 control antennas of the H Pro should be perpendicular to the drone.

Search this site for antennas, there is a lot of information from other members who are much more qualified in this field.

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