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Range extender comparison help/question... 4Hawks Raptor SR vs Raptor XR

Jul 4, 2016
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So I've recently gotten back into flying my Typhoon H (It's amazing what a difference it makes when you have a friend or 2 who now want to come and fly cause they have drones too). Anyway, I am wanting to get a range extender so that I don't lose video mid flight and spend the rest of the flight freaking out that my baby bird wont get back to the nest ;)
I don't really fly out of line of sight, but even at a few hundred feet away.. a black drone in the sky can be hard to determine which direction its flying if you lose your video feed. I usually fly in angle mode, not RTH.
So from all the range extenders out there, 4Hawks looks to be the best made and neatest finish etc out there. So my question is... which to go for.. the SR or the XR.
I am wondering if you Typhoon H users have experience with the XR. I kinda get the impression it came out later, and that most who wanted a range extender probably already had SR's or other brands equivalents?
I am thinking the XR for a slightly higher price might be a good move... But am just hoping for someone with some or more experience with this side of things may be able to throw some advice my way. Eg... I'd hate to "waste" money on the extra cost of an XR if it were to turn out that the H's battery could barely fly far enough to even get a benefit from it over the regular SR.
Thanks for any help anyone can give.
Safe flying,
if you fly no further than 2000ft out from ground station the 4hawks SR will do solid. 3000ft to 5000ft then XR version required. but signal lock solid at distance of 1000ft to 2000ft. additional wifi boosters needed beyond 3000ft with SR and beyond 5000FT with XR. with the extenders limitations become flight battery life. compass interference problems becomes a real concern as well. h480 is more prone to toilet bowels and sudden take offs with little control from ground station depending on where you fly.
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but even at a few hundred feet away.. a black drone in the sky can be hard to determine which direction its flying if you lose your video feed.
Here is a great lesson for you
a black drone in the sky can be hard to determine which direction its flying if you lose your video feed
On the ST16 screen, you have a green arrow. This arrow shows the stick's direction if you want to move the drone to your position. If the preferable motion for you is straight forward and backward, you can yaw the drone until the arrow stays in the appropriate direction. Until you're not sure about the heading of the drone, not necessary to change its position. Define by yourself two clear maneuvres. Where you want to point the nose, and how you will approach the next position.

Take into account the arrow is not a reliable indicator if the drone is in the near vicinity, but in this situation, you can see the tail lamp.

I change propeller lamps in an aircraft manner. two tails are white, the right's are green, the left's are red. This is a very handful to determine the heading.
Terrence I'm not understanding your 2000-3000' thing, as the H will fly beyond that 3000' with stock antennas without signal loss, at least I haven't witnessed any problems ? I have the SR, and haven't found a need to use it yet in almost a years time ?
I have had the ITELITE DBS Range Extender for the Q500 and does the job now I have the H I purchased the hawk range extender and does the job for distance while still having video and control very happy
You all need to keep in mind of the FAA rulings. You don't want to get caught with footage of out of sight range and extreme distance. This could lead to trouble in so many ways. Just saying. Keep Aviation safe by flying responsibly.
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Most of our members use the range extender to keep a more stable video feed. Especially in Europe where the 5GHz WiFi signal strength is reduced compared to the USA. The RC control is fine most of the time, but the choppy jerky video feed is tiresome.

If I am in an area with a lot of 5GHz WiFi interference my video feed can suffer within several hundred feet. My Typhoon H is easily visible at 1800’ and sometimes more.

I only use the stock antenna. If doing flights over 1000’ away I’ll switch to the Patch antenna for the camera.
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