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Sending in TH to Yuneec

Jul 6, 2016
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Has anyone out there had to send their TH Yuneec to be repaired? If so what is the process, and how was the customer service as well as the time it took to be repaired and sent back?

Call them, they will issue you a RMA, you pack it and send it back. they will check flight logs to determine if it was yours or manufacturers fault. if yours, you pay, if theirs they pay, even shipping back! A few have had to do, takes about three weeks, depends on workload and extent of repairs! Wish your H a speedy recovery!;)
It appears Yuneec UK may possibly operate differently when I had cause to send back a faulty Q500 4K they organized UPS to collect from my home, as my craft was a total write off it was basically bits including the camera, but to support my claim I sent in the memory card in the ST10+ controller, about three weeks later I heard back that they had replaced complete craft and was on its way back to me, they said they were send a copy of the data from the memory card back to European headquarters for analysis and would let me know the cause of my uncontrollable fly away, its now been over three months and I have still not been told of the cause of the issue, which unfortunately does not give me much confidence in that craft.
Just sent mine back to get fixed and was told the same as DroneClone stated. Got an RMA and a return label, been having some minor issues with my H but also my controller had something rattling inside that didn't sound right.

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