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SOLD ! Typhoon H Controller For Sale

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Mar 31, 2016
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For Sale
I am selling a controller (All that I have Left ) and items from my Typhoon H that crashed this past April. I would like to sell to one person instead of parting out and going through the hassle of shipping multiple packages, but will do whatever I have to.
Asking $200 for the Controller , plus shipping, but open to offers.
Everything Works !

The Controller Version 1 with the single antenna and strap
Neck Strap for ST16 Ground Station
Sun Shade for ST16 Ground Station

SOLD Wizard Never Used
SOLD Battery Charger with brick, cords and car adapter
SOLD Two original Batteries (Flight times now around 8-12 minutes)
SOLD USB Adapter Cords

SOLD 16GB micro SD Memory Card with Adapter
SOLD Two Morpilot Batteries purchased 5-23-18 (flew one less than a dozen times, the other never put on a charger) (Amazon.com: Yuneec Tyhoon H Battery 4S 6300mAh, Morpilot 14.8V 93.2Wh Replacement LiPo Battery for Yuneec Typhoon H 4K Camera Hexacopter Drone: Toys & Games)
SOLD Backpack (Amazon.com: HCDSKY Backpack Shoulder Bag Case for YUNEEC Typhoon H H480 UAV Drone Without EVA: Gateway)
and whatever else came in the box when I bought the Typhoon H.
I also have the black Foam insert and the color box in came in.
All Items for Sale are in the Photo
The Crashed Typhoon H and Camera, props and parts are sold.

I measured the box the size of when the H was shipped to me
and it measures 21x17x13 inches and I estimated the high weight to be about 10 pounds.
Estimated shipping cost from NY to Cal about $40.00 6-10 day ground.

I have the original color box and the box it was shipped in.
Shipped: July 21, 2016 new unit sent by Yuneec
Original Owner
Shipping From 13790

Thanks for Looking !

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How much for just the Two Morpilot Batteries and wizard controller? Shipped to Vegas 89102
Do you still have anything left??
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