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Standalone C23

Sep 9, 2022
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Can i use C23 without any Yuneec drone?. I am trying to use it in my custom drone setup. To update the firmware, i read the guides, copied the firmware files into SD card and tried my luck without any drone or STS16. Windows datapilot did not detect it, android apps also does not work. Is it necessary to update via drone?

Basically i want to send mavlink commands to control the camera and gimbal, i can take photos and read camera info with pymavlink but most of other mavlink commands does not work. My final goal is controlling it in my custom QGC.

The very first question is what is the reason to update the camera?

The camera is controlled and operated via WiFi, only the gimbal is probably controlled via the drone. I have played in deep with CGO3+ but I think communication to the gimbal is similar. No way to sniff it without a drone.
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No way to sniff it without a drone.
Do you mean any drone or only Yuneec drones?

Since camera did not respond to default mavlink dialects, i thought newer version might work.

I can connect to C23 WiFi with my laptop and send mavlink messages over WiFi to take photo and change camera mode but i can not change camera parameters such as focus.

I installed CGO4 to my android phone and connected to the camera`s WiFi but application could not detect it. I will try CG03+ now.

But even if it works, I have to control the camera without CGO3+ for my project, because i will integrate mavlink commands into QGC. I suspect they are using custom mavlink messages.

Edit: CGO3 could not connect to camera, but app does not support my android version, i did not try with supported version.
Edit2: I tried another device and Android 11 could connect to the camera but could not open menu, okay i now know that camera can be controlled with CGO3 using supported android version. But i have to learn the source code of the app so i can implement the functions in my program. Does Yuneec share any documents related to mavlink messages or SDK?
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Does Yuneec share any documents related to mavlink messages or SDK?
Definitely not. CGO3+ is controlled via CGI-BIN commands. The gimbal is controlled via UART and some kind of Mavlink derivative. The camera is controlled in some way again via UART to get some info for EXIF fields in the still pictures. At least you should have an ST16S controller for H+ or, with some luck, to install and start the control application on some android device.
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CGO3 and CGO3+ is controlled by CGI commands vie WiFi. The answer is a JSON file.
Basics are here: CGO/commands.md at master · racerxdl/CGO
But this information is very old. All I could get is described here: http://h-elsner.mooo.com/pdf/CGO3control_en.pdf

C23 is completely different. I think the same as you, that Yuneec specific MAV-Link messages are used.

At Github there is a SDK only for H520: YUNEEC

I think E90 is similar to C23 but my knowledge and possibility to test ends at Typhoon H / CGO3+.

br HE
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Check the forum topics before wasting your time. Here are a lot of information about CGO3+, which will be usable for you.
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Just did some tests with C23. I'm almost sure, there is no way to control the gimbal via WiFi. The communication protocol is different from the one presented in H480 and CGO3+. Of course, if you have an H+ and ST16S you can fork the communication lines between the drone and the gimbal and sniff the protocol pattern. With a camera only, this will be a very hard task.

As a starting point, you can do some research with a CGO3+ camera, which is not so expensive, more robust, and repairable. Here is a topic about alternate drone, based on PX4 with H480 hardware as a bottom pad. It is still without camera capabilities, so your efforts will be appreciated. A tutorial on how to compile it from the source will be welcome too. I have planned to do some plays with it, but my hybrid between 480 body and 520 airframe flies very well and I'm focused there.
Share your intentions too. Probably someone has the information yet, which you are planning to discover.

I did some work to prepare an alternative to the CGO3+ camera. If you decide to move to it, I can give you some advice.

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