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Tips, precautions and how to with LiPo batteries


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Aug 19, 2017
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Hello, everybody.

Today, cold Sunday, after getting up and forgetting to take off my legumes ?, I found a very interesting video about the dangers of our bird batteries. I have been looking for years, since I started with the drones, for information on how to act with LiPo batteries since their incorrect use is a great danger. Our H520 uses this kind of batteries, most of the drones do, so I searched a little bit more and I think I found some very good videos than the ones you have started recently in this world, or even the ones you have been using for many years and you know the basics, you can learn or refresh this knowledge. I include myself because despite knowing it, laziness ?, sometimes makes us make unnecessary mistakes. Nothing ever happens, but just once is enough to make us regret it ?

This all started when I saw the following video in the Youtube suggestions. I liked it very much because it is a summary of the most basic and important mistakes we should never make. Since we occasionally talk about battery issues in the forum, I think it's very interesting for everyone.

10 Dangerous Lipo Battery Mistakes - Fire and explosion causes

All right, now, we know what not to do, or what to be careful of. Over time, with different drones, fixed wings, radio-controlled cars, etc., we accumulate a lot of LiPo batteries. Where do we store them? We already know the most important point, we have to store them in storage mode, but how to do the storage of the batteries itself?

In the following video, it shows how to make a bunker to store batteries. I thought it was excellent, very good work. The only problem is that it makes the batteries to be charged too close to the rest of the batteries, something more separated or to make another shelf with the charger in the lower part and the batteries resting on top I think it would be better, on top of the bunker or in another zone better.

Fire proof battery storage

Some might say, I don't have that many batteries and the bunker is too much for me. Here's another smaller example. These are all do-it-yourself projects, very effective and it doesn't have to look pretty, it has to be functional.

Fire proof LiPo battery box

And finally, the simplest and most affordable system. For those of us who are unlucky enough to live in apartments rather than single-family homes, we have more suitable options. This method is the most used because it is the most economical and because it is extremely simple. The barbecues and the bags are the most used ;)

Flite Test - Lipo Battery Bunker

I think the most basic and important thing about how to deal with our LiPo batteries is covered in these videos. I hope you like this little compilation of information. With your permission I'm going to wash my face, my eyes stay closed and I can't open them, and start the weekly cleaning of the house before my wife screams at me ???????

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