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Typhoon H and some extras - SOLD

Jan 7, 2020
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Yuneec Typhoon H hexacopter. Great drone, in very good condition. Comes with factory accessories and extras:

Factory stuff:
Standard Yuneec Typhoon H drone, NO RealSense module
ST16 controller
Wizard remote
Single battery charger
CGO3+ camera
Yuneec backpack with molded interior, no rips/tears
Two batteries - used, but still charge normally, and hold a charge. Currently in storage mode

Two full sets of propellers, plus four more (total of 16)
Propeller locks, two full sets
HyTech X2 AC plus battery charger and adapter wire for Yuneec battery
Extra power adapter for original Yuneec charger
UAV Pilot plug in - download software to your Windows computer and simulate flying with the ST16

Drone flies, in excellent condition. Crashed once, scuffs on the camera, but all works perfectly, landing gear raises/lowers, camera gimbal rotates and under control from the remote, etc.
Pay my asking price and I'll include a second molded back pack (local for the extra backpack only, it would be another expense to ship), and the various pieces/parts in the last picture - some landing gear pieces (at least two of those motors work, haven't tried the third), two sets of "feet" for the landing gear, an extra arm that needs a little glue.
If you're not in the area and want a specific picture of something, let me know.

Only $575 with all listed accessories and extras
Price is FOB in the Phoenix area. Shipping is extra, seems to be around $100+ these days, will figure actual amount for a serious buyer's location.


  • total H package.jpg
    total H package.jpg
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  • all in case.jpg
    all in case.jpg
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  • camera closeup 1.jpg
    camera closeup 1.jpg
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  • side view upright 1.jpg
    side view upright 1.jpg
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  • misc parts.jpg
    misc parts.jpg
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