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Typhoon Q500 questions

Sep 18, 2023
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bought a yuneec Typhoon Q500 to fly with my grandson. I originally boubut an FJI at Costco, And immediately found out I couldn't fly it because I live near an airport. I registered the drone took the safety test Applied for a flight plan and kept getting denied. So I checked online to find one without geo fencing. I was informed that yuneec typhoon Q500 didn't have no fly zone built-in. So I bought it. When I shut off the GPS the motors will start. Sometimes not. it has a ST12 controller. And the back of drone sticker says 2015. I only want to fly in my backyard no higher than fifty feet. I've read about sites that will sell you No fly zone or move or tools. My question is are these scams. I tried doing it all the proper wand that's where the stars and the didn't work. So now i'm forced to dodge the system. Can anyone give me some advice on this, As all this is new to me. Thanks in advance for any help. And I wish everyone a nice day
ps if I do a factory reset will this solve my problem. Also, I can't find anywhere to get Firmware Upgrade, I tried the Yuneec website
First of all you have to follow local rules and regulations, this is your resposebility. Removing no-fly zone (NFZ) is different from geo-fencing.
If you really want to fly in a NFZ then you need a new drone firmware "Q500_v1.07_10_05_2015_no_airport.bin". You can try to find this file in internet - it was available in the past. Or you can by it from yuneecskins.com.
All other tips and tricks will not help. The St12 FW has nothing to do with it.

A factory reset makes no sense in this case. Factory reset should only be done only when you are sure you need it (after a proper diagnosis of the problem) and if your know what you do.

The latest FW was from 2015. It is very probable that you have it already. However, FW for Q500 can be downloaded at Yuneec Skins in the Q500 section.

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