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Quick question to those more knowledgeable than I. Does realsense work while flying in just angle mode?
I'm planning on selling my Baby..it's a Q500 4k..rebult by Verigo in New York. She flies like brand new ..have alot of extras..just don't know what to ask for her ?? My wife and I are selling everything we own ..and going the way of Nomads of the Road..just don't have the room for my flying girl..if someone knows what I should ask please be honest about the price...thank you!!! Don't give me ********..have a good on
I have a typhoon H with a CG03+ camera. I had a motor failure and the unit came down and hit on the camera (gear failed to come down). I can find most of the parts except for the round Gimbel Board. Any idea where I can find this?
Searching for Answers. I have a Yuneec Typhon H and the drone has started alternating power from motor to motor. Any idea what is causing this and can I fix myself?
I have a dilemma. My sons H flies fine; however it doesn't want to land. It will SLOWLY descend and at about 6-8 ft. it descends no more. He has taken to flying back and forth with the thrust/yaw stick full down until about 1 ft. off the ground and then holding the start/stop button. It drops but it is on soft grass. I have gone through all settings, calibrations and all shows nominal (ok).
Hi Pöllö! I can help with testing Thunderbird firmware. If you wish, you can send the firmware and say what tests are required. After the flights, I have a report.
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Hi NSMax and thank you very much for your offering and information in the thread! :) The firmware is now available in the thread, please try it! ;-) Before releasing the builds, I like to test them by myself quite lot, to verify that there are no unexpected behaviors that I could see during reasonable amounts of my own testing. I want to be sure that no harm is done for you or your drone that could be foreseen.
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Today I tried to generate Missionfiles in different way.
Using DataPilotPlanner generate .plan file, import this in UAV Toolbox and export to CCC ST16S.
But same result. Drone decending vertical to GND and stop motors. CCC is still active. When restart motors and try to start the HPlus its try to move horizontally towards a waypoint standing on GND. Which means it tips over forward immediately and crashes on propps
Tuna, I have problem to start a mission created by UAV Toolbox v.3.2.2
No way to fly a mission, planned with UAV Toolbox with my HPlus.
The only thing happens after I gave command to start the mission (left hand stick up or down) is,
the decending of the HPlus vertically downwards to Ground and land.
I investigated the mission files structure, but cant see a command for this unlike behavior.
Tuckeat: Nazara Indian Bistro, Nazara Indian Bistro Restaurant
Guess I got banned already. Don’t know why. Least it lasted 1 day. Guess I will stick with RC forums. Is there some kind of “Click” on here
Now it’s back. Oh well. It was found with a line thru it before. That Is a mystery
Dave I just looked and your account has NO infractions of any kind. You've not bee banned or even restricted access to this site unless you have an additional account I'm not aware of. It might have been a mere computer glitch etc but your account is free & clear. Have a GREAT day! Allen
Would you please take a look at my post about my E90 camera?

Issues and differences with E90 and C23 cameras related to 5.8 GHz and downlink video and telemetry​

je cherche une solution pour que les sticks de la st16 soit reconnu comme un joypad par android , avez vous une solution ?

Merci d'avance
Yuneec Typhoon H Pro 4k Intel RealSense Collision Avoidance Hexacopter GCO3 4K Camera Kit, Wizard Wand, Bag, Battery, Polaroid 32GB. Blinking green light 3 times per second. stating air craft in smart mode without GPS
I would like to know what everyone uses for video compression... i'd like to post some of my videos online.. you tube and instagram!
Thanks for letting me join - I don't even have a Yuneec yet, but that gets rectified on Tuesday when my new H Plus arrives. Can't wait.

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