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Be careful I tried to buy this for 850 with shipping she agreed but the could not be transferred problem at her end...
Thank you so much, I’ll be cautious, I’m not really ready to buy at this point but this seems to be a good deal

This is Lance Fung , Yuneec HQ Product manager of Mantis G ,
I sincerely ask if it is okay for you remove the post of mantis G before the announce product .
My CEO is start having a big concern of the leaking, and I may get in huge trouble of this .
Hope you can understand my difficulty

Thank you very much.

Lance Fung
I could not imagine it could make any inconvenience.
I do apologize about that, really sorry!!
Lance Fung ( Yuneec )
Thank you very much :) , my personal leak to you 4km , 2 axis gimbal with third axis eis ,
Hello, I am new, I just purchased the Yuneec Breeze for real estate pics & videos since it is slow & steady with good images/video. BUT I am having issues with an error code “power too low 20%” when I try to connect my phone( all Batteries are fully charged)Thanks
Ty Pilot
Ty Pilot
Hello I just saw you as a new member and happened to look at your profile and saw your post. I do not own a Breeze so I can't really help you but; if you make a post in the Breeze section maybe in the 'Breeze How To' section, someone will have an answer for you. There are a lot of knowledgeable folks here so please feel free to ask.

Oh and welcome to the forum.:)
Thank you!😊 I think I am going to return it since none of the tips are working that Yuneec Customer Service gave me. They said it has to do with the latest firmware/download...stinks because it takes beautiful video( I needed it for real estate vids, would LOVE to have the Typhoon but I don’t have the cash for it). Thanks again for your help!😊
hi haydn after pin to hold gimble in place a few spare to i guess and possible another landing gear arm bit at the bottom a bit twisted ok but.
what country are you in?
Can you email me direct with photos of what you need
[email protected]

Adelaide just one of the pins that hold gimble together possible some spares. Will take pic when get time. Also do you have batteries how much?
I am in Oldbury West Midlands (UK) have a Q500 any one else around Brum give me a ring 07882133748.
have crashed my drone and am in need of a new drone body so i can rebuild.

Stuart Black
Ready to give the Q a try tomorrow. Will run off a battery low to ground, and again after battery change.
So today 26th, did two batteries with the Q, and the app didn't fail. All my settings were correct., I fly it most with fpv cam on top and goggles. I'm moving towards racers fpv, which the Q doesn't support, Seemed to be fixed for now.
W temacie DaVinci w linku masz świetne tutoriale.
Jak tam Twój sprzęt? Pochwal się :)


Wyśmienicie! Jestem mega zadowolony. Masz jakiś komunikator?
Byłoby łatwiej pisać, a nie przez sań francisco ;)

Bede teraz dokupowali baterie i wymienię sobie obudowę kamery.
Jeśli masz whatsapp to mój numer jest taki 603889502
For a dew days now I have been trying to get UAV Toolbox to reply to my emails, it seems like they do not exist any more? For some reason the App does not work on my ST16 anymore and if I log out it says I have too many devices. Yet I cannot view what is Registered. Time to find another working App with true support.

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