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Im haveing problems with data pilot and uav toolbox crashing. I have uavtoolbox installed on my ST16 and laptop. I have data pilot on my laptop, and also an android emulator. Data Pilot wont even boot up. UAV toolbox on my ST16 crashes when I try to plan a mission, and the mission block on my laptop wont activate. Am I doing something wrong or what?
You mentioned Data Pilot, which I normally associate with H520. And ST16, which I normally associated with Typhoon H. And an android emulator. Which I don't use for anything. Can you clarify your setup, and for what you are using the emulator? I know all ST16S controllers are mislabeled as ST16, but I wanted to be sure. This will probably have to go to the open Forum to get a useful answer.
Does anyone have more than the (4) page Manual that came with the Yuneec Skyview that shows operation and battery Replacement location? I don't even know where the batteries are located. I just bought one and when plugged in to charge all I get is a flashing Red Light. No trouble shooting direction ect..... HELP!!!!
Just went Premium after years of free interacting! I got a lot of information just reading post. Now it's my turn to chip in and continue to learn and contribute.

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