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help i recently hade a motor issue on my q500 i went about fixing this issue and after disconeting the motor and
repairing it once connected again it flashes orange and beeps this series of beeps and wont start i read that i need
a gui diagnostic tool to erase the motor error. is this correct and if so does anyone have it available thanks seth
After a month long battled with Yuneec for a warranty claim for my brand new Typhoon H3, they finally accepted my warranty claim. However, it's been 12 days, nothing has moved!
Brand new to the Game Of Drones I just purchased the H520E Law Enforcement bundle. Is the any specific software I should download to my laptop for this system?
Hi paul, I bought the SKY RC imaxB^ mini from Amazon for £38.00 also you need the power supply as this is extra
Wie kan mij helpen? Ik ben op zoek naar de Breeze Cam-applicatie voor mijn pas aangekochte Breeze 4K. Deze zou te vinden zijn op Google Play Store. Dat blijk dus niet waar te zijn en kan mijn splinter nieuwe Breeze 4K niet de lucht in. Dit is al het vierde verzoek hiertoe, maar ik heb nog steeds geen antwoord gekregen. Wie kan mij helpen?
Looks like my next move on my issue with the H is to update firmware. The Yuneec site asks for WHICH H is have. How may I identify the model? Thanks.
Im haveing problems with data pilot and uav toolbox crashing. I have uavtoolbox installed on my ST16 and laptop. I have data pilot on my laptop, and also an android emulator. Data Pilot wont even boot up. UAV toolbox on my ST16 crashes when I try to plan a mission, and the mission block on my laptop wont activate. Am I doing something wrong or what?
You mentioned Data Pilot, which I normally associate with H520. And ST16, which I normally associated with Typhoon H. And an android emulator. Which I don't use for anything. Can you clarify your setup, and for what you are using the emulator? I know all ST16S controllers are mislabeled as ST16, but I wanted to be sure. This will probably have to go to the open Forum to get a useful answer.
Does anyone have more than the (4) page Manual that came with the Yuneec Skyview that shows operation and battery Replacement location? I don't even know where the batteries are located. I just bought one and when plugged in to charge all I get is a flashing Red Light. No trouble shooting direction ect..... HELP!!!!
Just went Premium after years of free interacting! I got a lot of information just reading post. Now it's my turn to chip in and continue to learn and contribute.

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