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I am new to the Apache Junction, AZ area, and looking to meet other drone pilots. I have read a few things that don't sound too encouraging about places to fly around here. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Almost ready to take the part 107 FAA exam. Your thoughts?
I am thinking about getting a Yuneec 920+ , really good price , 2,000.00 , I understand you fly one can you share the pros and cons of this bird? everybody is telling me to stay away from this and go with a H pro, what are your thoughts?
Does anyone know how to delete the telemetry that gets stored in the ST16 during each flight? Thanks!
From Switzerland, flight time 40 hours on H520, going into professional operations next summer.
My suggestion are using silver tape and tape it along between the top and bottom together also the Irs glass sensor too when it crash it still intact or incase the glass drop out of sight.
The Breeze drone is good for beginner, I wish the package come with two batteries instead of one. You can't practice your fly with one battery not practical. Lot of places sell Juneec Breeze but don't sell extra batteries and it's hard to get them from somewhere unless you to buy Gifi crappy brand.
Just flew my Breeze 4K in 22 Deg in PA on Thanksgiving and it performed perfect, video was great!
bonjour a tous les dronistes ma question est la suivante: peut on voler en salle avec le typhon h et quelle est la procedure de mise en place merci beaucoup
HELP Am going round the bend trying to get the uav toolbox to work wont store my email or password cant even get in to pay for the app been trying for the last month .
part 107 drone pilot, Paintballer, airsofter and crazy stunt man.
I have 99 problem, drones solves them all
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