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I am software engineer and computer gig. I love to play with routers, network, electronic components, surveillance cameras. I got the Yuneec Typhoon H drone in 2016, as new hobby. It is a little bit challenging in many way, but on going learning
I have a Blade Chroma I’m wanting to sell, works good just needs batteries, I have Charger, 2 Cameras, Controller, Pelican Case.
Here we are in mid may, I was promised a replacement drone by B.Shelton back in January of this year. I'm guessing I'm not the only person out of a drone and their money.any of you premium members or Admins. think I will ever see a replacement Breeze?
I have a Mantis Q and barely know how to use it. Here to learn some things and make some drone friends. Winter Garden, FL 34787
Morning Sean, saw your ad, how recent is the drone refurbish, is the firmware updated?
Where are you located and does the price include shipping?

I just did a gps module replacement on my typhoon H. I dont know anythiing about a GUI test, can you help me out with this or direct me to where I can learn it. All I did was rebind and calibrate.
Morning Russell, you mentioned on my RKH thread that you have one that's sitting on a shelf,
Any chance you'd consider parting with it, if so which color scheme is it?
Hi Pat, I hope that you are well and clear of the virus, going mad over here. I am looking at the new ublox module ZED-F9P it makes an rtk system. I wonder if anybody on the forum would have any knowledge or know somebody with the knowledge. It would help us with 1 cm accuracy and they are a lot cheaper than buying the 520 with it on , that's right it is still coming out. Johnno Hennessy.

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