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Smart mode doesn't work, but angle mode does.
Had to repair my H after a crash. One arm needed to be replaced. Had some problems callibrating at first, but it finally did callibrate. My H doesn't respond correctly in smart mode. It cannot go left or backwards and right isn't completely right. However it does respond correctly in angle mode. It did work before the crash.
This sounds somewhat like what I'm dealing with in regards to this Typhoon H I just purchased used. Don't know of any crashes with the drone, but this sure sounds similar to my issue.
Good morning All,
My name is Bill and live in North Fort Myers,Fl. I'm and RC helicopter and fixed wing flyer and recently purchased a Q500 4K. I have begun selling my helI copter fleet to get into drones. I did a shake down flight to get used to controls that went well.I am also a ham radio operator with our ARES/ALERT group attached to our county EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER . Looking forward to to learning more .
When I fly my Typhoon H and record video. The very last video image, when I play it back on my computer, won't play. I get a message that says It'snot a supported codec or file name. But yet every single video just before that plays just fine. Any suggestions? Has this happened to anyone else?
Typhoon H with real sense. Everything looks fine. Real sense is working but when i record positions for CCC mode and drone in in area of first recorded position on smart mode ( landing gear UP ) is coming msg. Thad REAL SENSE MODE IS GOING TO BE DISABLE. When i slide start for CCC mode
RS is disengaged.
I am thinking Typoon H should be retired from selling. I have lost mine beacause of a flayaway and so this mean that they don't check the product as they should. I won't buy anymore a Yuneec drone in my life. I contacted Yuneec andthey don't give any support. Very bad company
Give them the flight logs from the controller.. They will help you if you help them to help you.
Thanks. I think I’ll pass. With cost of shipping and US exchange it will be a bit pricey. Thanks though.
I had an expensive mishap with typhoon H when I was in Providence filming the State House, and the drone gave an insufficient warning of low battery. I switched over to return home, but even with a tailwind, the fastest I could get it to go was 12 kph. As it flew over railroad tracks and then a busy roadway before I managed to line it up for a forced landing in a small park. The video became choppy and was going in a
Flight path, I had to babysit through a 50m maximum altitude. I had just charged the battery full the previous night........
I brought this deficiency to attention of Yuneec customer service when I called in about it, but was slapped in the face with voiding of my warranty when I truthfully told them I opened the shell to remove one of two arms that snapped off during the drone’s inverted landing.
Hey Litchi,
Please develop an application for all Yuneec drones, as you have for DJI. I also have a q500. For Phantom 3 and 4, your software keeps track of everything as I fly.
Or Yuneec, please could do likewise, but during my phone conversation with a rep who went out of his way to offer exceptional customer care, it became readily apparent that your company has no interest or intent to modify your firmware OUT!!
Address this problem.......
Please try— crashes get expensive... and are a colossal drag, especially if it could be prevented with relatively easy modification to your firmware.

This incident cost me $429. I should be able to recover most of this when I cannibalize and part out from both drones, but I think you’ll agree, the best way to win a war is not to fight it. best way to fix crashed drone is don’t crash
Greetings: I purchased this Breeze 4K 2 weeks ago and my first flight was very short but it rose and landed very well, then another day came to turn it on, it was activated, but at the time of landing the landing button said camera, I could not land it. I had to crash .wauu that scared, I turn it on but I can not turn it off if you can help me see what happens, and the other is at the top where you see the number of
I enter the pilot mode I do not see the landing bottom
Question, in setting up a mission (CCC) in UAV ToolBox what is the default calculated speed of the UAV?
Distance & Time is calculated using what speed?
Other than using the stick at mission start can the default speed be changed/adjusted while setting up the CCC on the ST16?
Tuna, please give us an update to your good app. I would pay extra for Google Maps - BING Maps are so outdated and lack details. Also the user interface could be improved and it would be great if more data was shown during the mission/flight.
Thanks for your efforts up to now but give us more and charge accordingly.
FYI I come from the Pixhawk and SOLO environment and have been using SOLEX app which is great. Thanks
I am trying to connect my android moto e4 to by Breeze drone. When I go into the wifi settings It says "connected, no internet" I get the green light but rear light blinks blue..;;;Please help!!!
My new a Breeze won’t start. Wifi connected. Controller also synced with IPhone 6. In Controller mode I press start and get 3, 2, 1 countdown and then nothing...any thoughts?
DroneKnight, I'm waiting for a response to my inquiry. Please to the the conversation I started.
I saw the Breeze at Walmart tonight for $149.99 so I decided to join your super duper group to get opinions on if it’s worth my time. Be gentle....

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