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    GPS climbing with Typhoon on deck

    So the H is using the ST16 GPS altitude for RTH!!! Ether way there is somthing wrong with the unit...I'm dreading contacting Yuneec after reading most negative post about there customer servace line. Thank you for the help

    GPS climbing with Typhoon on deck

    On start up after the controller and the Drone are connected the altitude reading on the controller shows 6-10 feet.. The longer it sits the higher the ALT reading goes up without moving... Since the recalibration (ineffective) the same problem has persisted . It seems to level off (on deck)...

    GPS climbing with Typhoon on deck

    OK so I had a Q500 but it was Hijacked one night ... No kidding.... Thought maybe the local PD snatched it or maybe it's my Issis neighbors who's home has all kinds of "Interferance" coming from it.... Any way So I got me an H and already having trouble... The GPS locks but starts on deck at...

    Understanding the antennas

    Well new to Bloging just spent 23 years in the Navy .... Could not find anything about factory twist on the CG03 Ant. Wanted to test out some After Market ones for the 16 but I'm guessing poalerazation matters.... Using my H for Recon on solar panels on Nodes above the canopy... Now if I could...