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Recent content by Az Nick

  1. Az Nick

    Typhoon H Forum removal

    I own and use a Q500 but some how I'm in the loop for the chat on the Typhoon H. How can I remove myself from their Forum - I have no interests in it. :-)
  2. Az Nick

    Q500 flight sim

    I fist go around was in the 80, RC Air Plane, started flying Drone Nov 2014 (DJI P-2). Got my Q500 4k Last Nov on Black Friday. simulator is a good source not nothing like a Real flight! Get use to the controller and go FLY
  3. Az Nick

    My excitement turned to disappointment thanks Fry's

    Had a similar experience when I purchased my 4k from Fry’s last November. It was overuse the Item was used, the SD card in the Box was a 128K (Yep nor Meg or Gig), even had a Pic of some kids playing. Scratches on the Q500 body and a list of other things missing. Same thing, I went back to...
  4. Az Nick

    Software Hack

    IS THERE A WAY TO GET A AREA FOR H users, more talk about H moldels than I care - just a thought?
  5. Az Nick

    Overriding the height restrictions

    Were you or are you going to post a link for the software hack - I need to close the 20 foot fence, lower my max ceiling and distence - thanks Nick
  6. Az Nick

    Software Hack

    Well Jeep2liberty Tell us how your doing this please - by the way thanks for the Info
  7. Az Nick

    Good news stories

    Until the Nut Cracker starts to slip.
  8. Az Nick

    Software Hack

    I've tried - can't seam to find a mode that will let me start any closer -
  9. Az Nick

    Software Hack

    Safety Fence, I have to walk 25 feet away form my Q500 to fire it up. Then I walk back to a realistic distends of 6 to 8 feet before taking off. Funny thing is I can land the Q500 on my head if I wanted to but we can’t take-off unless we are 25 feet away!!! Here’s the problem; Cats, Birds...
  10. Az Nick

    Good news stories

    Props flying off I’ve been using my Q500 4K for the past two months without any Prop issues! Keep in mind that I’m not a weekend flyer, my Q500 4K is used to take photos of roofs; sometimes I use it twice a day – even in somewhat high winds. Battery life is awesome, Pictures are Awesome and...
  11. Az Nick

    Just Off the Phone with Yuneec USA

    Instead of ranting and raving, maybe you guys should hold off on buying the H until at least 6 months after the actual release. Gives Yuneec time to work out the FIRST build defects and release Rev 1 with most of the bugs worked out. You never buy a first year production vehicle, well...
  12. Az Nick

    Propeller with or without O-Rings?

    AlRighty Than – That’s about all we can say about using the supplied Tool, I truly understand how the Motors spin in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions, I thank you all for your comments ANYONE know how to turn a Post OFF? OH by the way, I replaced the Props (Yunnec standard...
  13. Az Nick

    Propeller with or without O-Rings?

    Good thoughts Satellite View I will keep up with updates on this post
  14. Az Nick

    Propeller with or without O-Rings?

    Thanks - I also think there is more wron with the Drone than just O-Rings. I did return it to Yuneec and they said it's Fine. Yuneec seams stright up with their Customer service, but in the back of my mind I agree that there must be something more than just O-Rings