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Recent content by biltno

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    Strange happenings

    I know the file name has to be changed. I’m not too familiar with the process, however, there are a few here that are experts at telemetry I’m sure they will help you
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    Strange happenings

    Did you read the telemetry data? It may give you a clue.
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    Slightly Swollen H Battery

    Everyone has an opinion about trusting a battery that you see a physical issue with. In my opinion if you do a cell check on it you may see an early warning sign. However is the risk worth taking? A battery that’s approximately 90.00 vs a drone worth $600.00
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    1st real crash of a Yuneec drone

    Heck no. They blame the car and waste the dealers time until they get the manual read to them
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    Help Q500 warning

    I would also recommend a couple things. Before you attempt to fly again, watch all the instructional videos you can on the q500. There are several critical things that if not followed can cost you. Like h-elsner mentioned, follow that through. It is also smart to remove the camera until your...
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    Dumb Question

    Another annoying fact about realsense is that it slows the H down as if you were in slow motion especially forward speed
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    Another stupid question about batteries

    Risk an expensive drone when a battery like that can fool you and deplete its charge instantly after using power to lift off. Then instead of needing a battery, you need a drone too. It’s not worth the risk.
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    Yuneec USA and its bad service

    It’s called “getting it in the back end”
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    Yuneec USA and its bad service

    It’s the same crap in the Auto industry with parts and warehouses. For example a special fastener required that’s not in stock and has to be ordered is sometimes 4 times the cost of the part for shipping, and if you want it overnight, tack on some more
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    Just bought a Q500 4k, any tips?

    Steve couldn’t have said it any better. Most important..: watch as many videos as you can. Concentrate on flying first and then install camera. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed
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    H520 crash power failure

    I’m only trying to give a suggestion and have no experience with the h520. If your drone didn’t get damaged in the area of the battery and compartment, can you disassemble the drone just to the point where you can see the terminal connection of the battery? From there, if at all possible, you...
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    OMG....Come on 2020....PLEASE

    Maybe he will fly that one-man drone that is in testing now:)
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    ST-16 Sunshade

    That’s why this forum is awesome. Always check here before condemning something. I’m guilty of the same thing
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    Infuriating incident.

    Just tell the unexpected crowd it’s your first flight and your open to suggestions on landing
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    Idiot playing games with police helicopter.

    It’s come to the point where I read these stories of ridiculous people and their actions and the best thing we can do is what I do.... not even elaborate on it. These idiots do this for one reason... attention. They aren’t getting it from me