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Recent content by BlackHawk

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    Drone base

    Drone base software/workflow is customized for DJI products. While they will not confirm or deny this, their support will keep nudging you towards DJI. I have never had luck with them even on panos that multiple softwares can stitch perfectly fine in under a minute.
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    Computers, video cards and other hardware for 4K. What do you use?

    In my experience the bottlenecks are primarily on processor and HDD speed followed by media card and then memory. If you stream h.264 encoded then the CPU plays an important role at the initial stage and final stage of the project (and during live previews at 4k) h.265 is even more cpu intensive...
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    Anyone thinking of flying today check the KP

    Do you ever come by downtown? I fly there after work quite often.
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    Anyone thinking of flying today check the KP

    Winds high as well in Houston. Billy where in Houston are you located. I love near Ellington airport. Would like to meet up with you someday.
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    Video Editing Software

    Widely publicized during release. Quickly forgotten after release. Came back to hurt after purchase :)
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    DroneBase and Panoramas

    I am registered and I tried submitting panoramas. It fails horribly. Their workflows and apps are custom tailored to DJI Phantom Cameras I believe. ICE did a great job in under a minute while their's botched up after working on it for a few hours. I spoke with their technical team and they...
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    CGO 3 + 4 K Stabilization Settings

    Your machine #2 video card is not powerful enough for 4k processing or proper rendering on to the display. It has to scale 4k to fit your monitors resolution. A good CPU can compensate for inadequate GPU to an extent only. I work suggest at least a gtx970. This is also assuming you have a good...
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    Some questions regarding the CGO3 camera

    My procedure: 1. Compass calibration is always done without the camera to avoid undue stress on the gimbal. 2. Camera is detached and reattached with the H powered off. Remove the camera from the ST16 and pair it up again. Try flashing the firmware for H and ST16 to are if that fixes the issue.
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    Why the "H" didn't my H land? Advice! :-)

    FYI you can land with RS and OA on. When you come close to ground, the H will turn off OA automatically. I have personally done this. If I can find a good spot to take off, I prefer RTH land. From what the OP says it looks like it was in smart mode and he walked to the H with the controller. I...
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    Who uses a drone simulator?

    I have used realflight when I started with fixed wing. A few months back I installed that on my android and realized that their controller worked with USB OTG. But never found a need to use Sims for uavs. Probably the fixed wings helped me.
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    Indoor Flying 2017

    The real sense module is always active despite OBS status. Having OBS on makes use of RealSense sensor data.
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    Product Registration through Yuneec website

    The online registration doesn't work. I registered it via email to yuneec CS.
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    Battery charger

    An OEM battery for the H requires 90+ W for charging. The Gifi need about 118 W and gens batteries are slightly above 105W. This is at 1C charge rate.
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    A bit more info on the 520 and camera

    The only thing that really matters to me is the specifications on the new camera. The topic keeps diverging and its very surprising that even yuneec refuses to address this question directly after the fact that the product has been revealed at CES. I can definitely understand if the silence is...
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    New Typhoon Today no Neck Strap

    Got a THY Pro with two batts and a wizard for a really good price didnt care to call yuneec CS about the strap. Got it for $15 @carolinadronz seems to be standard pricing.