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  1. Capt. Overview

    LiPo battery care

    Great article, tons of useful information. I'll be investing in a aftermarket charger/discharger ASAP.
  2. Capt. Overview

    Drone Compilation video using Typhoon H and Breeze

    Edited with latest version of Premiere Pro CC on a very high-powered iMac 5K. Looked very solid in final edit (except for some Breeze pix because: Breeze) but I'll look into a re-edit with something similar to DaVinci's Flow feature. I'm hoping to buy get a copy of Resolve at some point as I...
  3. Capt. Overview

    Drone Compilation video using Typhoon H and Breeze

    Yes, that is one of my favorite clips. It was an amazing day at the coast and it really looked "just like that." Thank you.
  4. Capt. Overview

    Drone Compilation video using Typhoon H and Breeze

    The majority of the video in this compilation is from my TH, with a few bits (the less steady ones) from my Breeze. I hope you enjoy them!
  5. Capt. Overview

    Only have a MAC and need to get Vehicle ID

    Indeed. Hopefully Soon!
  6. Capt. Overview

    Only have a MAC and need to get Vehicle ID

    No Fly Zone Release | Yuneec USA
  7. Capt. Overview

    8050mah battery for Yuneec H

    Anyone given this battery a go yet for the H? That's a lot of CLAIMED capacity. $92 on Amazon. Says it uses original charger. Anyone know what the stock battery weighs? Maker says this is 650g. Says the shipping weight is 650lbs so might be expensive to ship ;o) 8050mah 4S, 14.8V LiPO Battery...
  8. Capt. Overview

    skyview on ebay 29,99

    Ordered one and just got it. Works perfectly. I wasn't planning on being impressed with the resolution but must admit it looks great. May get another as a backup. Also, it works with anything that outputs a signal over HDMI.
  9. Capt. Overview

    LED Lights for the H

    These are bike lights and are pretty common online. Also available on Amazon. You can knock the weight down by taking the light module out of the rubber housing and affixing using mounting tape, velcro or super glue (if you feel a need for permanence). They use button batteries per usual. I use...
  10. Capt. Overview

    skyview on ebay 29,99

    I just ordered one (8am 8/1), $30 plus $9 "shipping" (oh please). But if it works right, still a deal. I'll update when it arrives and I test it out.
  11. Capt. Overview


    Mine launches the missiles. What, you didn't get that option? ;o)
  12. Capt. Overview

    Extended range antennas?

    I get about 1500-2000 feet in urban areas with my Gen 1 H/ST16 (1 remote antenna and 1 mushroom in stock form). I purchased an Itelite and flew it out to just over 5000 feet ( a mile away) at a coastal location (less interference) with no issues but got paranoid because I couldn't see it anymore...
  13. Capt. Overview

    Yuneec's Typhoon H support is dead

    I’ll jump in here and say I’ve had excellent service from Yuneec and I doubt they would end updates for the YH. I have a personal contact inside Yuneec who will know if this is true or not. I’ll report back. I doubt it is as the H+ is nearly identical in most ways and likely uses the same flight...
  14. Capt. Overview

    NIB Typhoon H

    Contrary to what some have written, there have been some small physical updates to the H, including redesigned (slightly braced) landing gear and smaller landing "bumpers" on the skids. But for the most part, it's pretty much the same bird we all have. I have a very early release model and it...
  15. Capt. Overview

    ST-16 Calibration ( secret menu )

    So the thing I missed in the post (which is probably obvious but I apparently missed it), is that when you tap the Hardware button a bunch of times and then select the calibration menu, you get a screen with five red boxes up top and a Next and Finish buttons at the bottom right. What I didn't...