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Recent content by Chewman

  1. Chewman

    Emergency shut off

    Top left...no
  2. Chewman

    worn props and mounts

    Thank you Steve...very much appreciated !!
  3. Chewman

    worn props and mounts

    Hey all...I just went to change my props on the H as I noticed some play in them and I discovered some of the 2 small locking tabs on the spring loaded buttons are worn...do I have to get these through Yuneec and would anyone have a part #...any help would be appreciated...thanks in advance
  4. Chewman


    She's a 2 at 10:00 pm and a 10 at 2:00 am
  5. Chewman

    A problem with UAV Forecast Kp Index?

    I use and rely on the Magnetology app on my I phone
  6. Chewman

    Batteries again!!

    Have you checked Carolina Dronz...I just bought one there a couple weeks ago
  7. Chewman


    I have 2 for my 500+ and 2 for my H...haven’t had a problem with any yet...for the + they are 2 years old and for the H they are 18 months
  8. Chewman

    E-bay starting bid

    I have no idea...if it is it doesn’t say it on the updates I get
  9. Chewman

    E-bay starting bid

    I just ordered a new battery for my H from a well know distributor/supplier in the US and they gave me a USPS tracking # for it
  10. Chewman

    True North or Magnetic North?

    not so much as a superstition, as it is a habit
  11. Chewman

    LiHV vs. LiPo

    27.5 minutes?
  12. Chewman

    LiHV vs. LiPo

    do you have an aftermarket charger...if you do, does it have a 'storage' setting
  13. Chewman

    True North or Magnetic North?

    and the evidence is ...
  14. Chewman

    True North or Magnetic North?

    A few years ago I remember reading on this forum, and I don't recall the member's name, how he always pointed his aircraft to the north when first booting it up...I have been doing this faithfully ever since...is it helping...I don't know...is it hurting...I don't know...one thing I do know...I...
  15. Chewman

    Compilation Video From Iceland

    Not only the landscape I feel sorry for, but also the marine and wildlife