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Recent content by Dragonflyerthom

  1. Dragonflyerthom

    Advice for smoothing out twitchy controls when trying to move very slow.

    I find the trim buttons on the bottom right work great for slow easy inputs and also make sure your turtle mode. Fly safe
  2. Dragonflyerthom

    Brand New Typhoon H w/ Intel Sense Coming Next Week!

    About the best information that I can pass on to you is after you have updated everything, calibrate everything. Anytime you change the batteries out make sure you turn your ST 16 off also. Other than that enjoy fly safe .
  3. Dragonflyerthom

    Prop Life

    I agree with you Pat it's mainly depends on the amount of insects dirt sand minor impact with tree limbs or bushes that will require that you inspect your props on your TH. A good and conscientious pilot will keep an eye on all moving parts on the aircraft. Fly safe.
  4. Dragonflyerthom

    Jerky and unstable Typhoon H Pro - need your comments

    I agree with RR. Try a calibration of your compass, and calibrate your accelerometer. And then make sure that you are at least 6 feet above the ground and check out any drift. I've noticed that whenever I am 15 to 20 feet above the ground there is no drifting at all but when I am at three or...
  5. Dragonflyerthom

    Video lag on the TH.

    Hummm very interesting.you're right and I would say as long as you don't have a problem with a 128 gig then use it I know that I'm not gonna spend that kind of money
  6. Dragonflyerthom

    Video lag on the TH.

    Yuneec recommends that you never use anything larger than a 64 GB U3 Class10 SD card. I have talked to CS.
  7. Dragonflyerthom

    Have you been satisfied with Yuneec customer service?

    Thanks Pat like you I would climb a tree to get mine too.
  8. Dragonflyerthom

    Have you been satisfied with Yuneec customer service?

    Thanks Ray Ray I like the looks of the TH, I like the way the TH handles the wind, I even like the camera of the H, so I'm still a Yuneec apologist. I'm having a few problems but I'm not giving up on him Them.
  9. Dragonflyerthom

    Video lag on the TH.

    Good info Pat also Merse if you will make sure that you have a U3 class 10. 16 or 32 gig SD card you will notice you won't have bad latency either. If your lag is in the 4 to 8 second ranges you have other problems. Check your center post on your antennas make sure they are centered. Place...
  10. Dragonflyerthom

    Have you been satisfied with Yuneec customer service?

    Well I was just wanting to get the take of some of the other members of this forum. My most recent experience which has been about two months is the end of October firmware update bricked my Typhoon H. I sent my H in because of a burnt smell that was coming from my H also. they sent my H...
  11. Dragonflyerthom

    Have you been satisfied with Yuneec customer service?

    have you been told one thing by customer service and when the technical department gets done with it it's something totally different?
  12. Dragonflyerthom

    Economical 32 GB UHS-3 High Speed micro-card

    This is the ST card that I use a 32 GB U3 class 10.
  13. Dragonflyerthom

    Battery issues and now I have the circle of death

    David I don't know for sure that you're having battery problems does Does your H have real sense and IPS? You might want to just take your typhoon H up and just let it hover taking it up to 20 feet bring it back down to 6 feet taking it back up and check time the whole flight until you get the...
  14. Dragonflyerthom

    Typhoon H vs H Plus

    Besides the real sense and I PS I do believe that they changed the camera on the pro maybe just the Lens not sure anyone else know for sure.
  15. Dragonflyerthom

    Wow, Autumn!

    Cranky I would just want to say welcome to our forum.