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Recent content by Ghostrider41

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    H Plus gimbal calibration

    This Youtube video tells you there is a super secret menu you can access by tapping the words "Compass Calibration" quickly 5 times. He shows you how to do it but my H+ ST16 just locks up every time I try. As far as the gimbal calibration on the H+ good luck. Mine is tilted 1 degree to the...
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    Yuneec customer service

    I had to send my H+ in for warranty work and was told to send it to KAV. After 5 months, my drone was returned from Ascend Services in California with no documentation of repairs so I have no idea what if anything was done to it. One of the problems still exists and I can't fix it since they...
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    Check your props...

    Thanks for sharing that information. I haven't had any problems at all yet but it's good to know what issues might develop.
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    Does anyone use the left trim key to select the white balance?

    I know the tutorials are a couple of years old for the most part but I'm wondering where the additional features outlined in the second video went. I purchased a Typhoon H Pro with Real Sense about a year ago. Some of the features especially the pan and RAW video features would be useful in my...