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Recent content by gregreh

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    If you are a lawyer?

    While all of your complaints are justified in my opinion the only point you could sue over is the camera not being 100mbps. This was false advertising and not on. However the other points... The range/picture dropping out could be due to local circumstances (car companies are not sued for...
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    Latest firmware (July 2016) Unofficial Changelog

    Second point down :)
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    Latest firmware (July 2016) Unofficial Changelog

    Thanks Eric. I hadnt checked the 120fps video - good find
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    Latest firmware (July 2016) Unofficial Changelog

    Trying to collate information spread across numerous threads Changes: Ability to playback video and photos on ST16 Task functions can now be used without enabling advanced mode Ability to enable Realsense module if installed Improved wifi/video connection times GPS can be turned off in flight...
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    New lens from Yuneec for CGO3+

    Very interesting. You were the first person I saw mention about the camera software update too
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    Anyone have any luck with an FPV goggles or using an HDMI type of goggle?

    I created a guide for making goggles from a smartphone if you're interested Gregreh's Goggle Guide - Very cheap fpv goggles using a smartphone
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    Is the camera as bad as people say? Take two!

    How is that capped when its above it?
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    Firmware update!!

    That shows the camera registering but not the H. You need to rebind the H
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    Firmware update!!

    Yes like Eric Bee said you need to rebind. I had to do this on mine. Tilt the H forward twice to 45 degrees and the status light will flash to orange. Then follow Erics instructions
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    Firmware update!!

    So two things I have noticed initially... Was the battery percentage of the ST16 in the top right hand corner displayed on the last firmware? Was the app 'FlightLogParser' in the list of apps in 'Pad' mode in the last firmware?
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    Firmware update!!

    Have you rebinded the H to the ST16?
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    CCC editor online - Version 1.7C

    Eric, while I am not sure I will use this - just wanted to say well done! You should email Yuneec with a link!
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    It's getting worse for the typhoon.

    I would like those that are complaining about the camera on the H to view what Eric has produced and tell me what exactly is wrong with it. From where I'm standing that more than holds its own against other cameras?? Or am I in need of glasses?