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Recent content by HoozierDroneDaddy

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    Fly away and other issues

    If your new, look up captain drone on youtube. He has some excellent videos on the Typhoon H, video setting, flight modes, setup and settings, etc, etc.
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    Typhoon H as a stationary remote controle camera?

    Also, if it is outdoors, how are you protecting the gimble/camera from the elements
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    Typhoon H as a stationary remote controle camera?

    My first thought is if your using this as a remote security camera, how long is the battery going to last, even with the motors off, before you have to change them. Unless you have a wired in power supply, you have a camera system that requires replenishing the power every x number of minutes or...
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    E90 Compatibility Response From Yuneec

    I had heard that the problem is the E90 is a 64bit system and the H480 is 32bit, the reason it will never work on the 480.
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    Langbathsee with Empress Sisi's Jagdschloss - Hidden Grace of Upper Austria

    If you still If you still have the bad hard drives, and the platters are not damages, you can take the controller board off of another of the same type hard srive and recover your lost files. Nice video.
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    Computers, video cards and other hardware for 4K. What do you use?

    Another option that help when editing 4k is to create Proxies with your video clips. It speeds up and smooths the editing in premier.
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    Anyone notice the big antenna's for the H520?

    Do they provide stronger and longer distance signal, and will they work on the H480 to improve signal strength? If so do you have a source and part number?
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    Complete Drone Package for Sale

    Will you sell the ET separate, if so how much?
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    CCC editor or UAV toolbox

    Just install it on the St-16. Plot you mission and test it. It works.
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    Frequency of Compass calibrations?

    Just for info. Yuneec recommends a compass calibration if traveling over 50 miles.
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    Can the H make this journey?

    I have successfully flown to 3200' before receiving video interuption using the original two antenna setup. Not something that is recommended. This and the following were testing signal strength. With fpvlr antennas i have flown to 6700' and stopped there because i was approaching populated...
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    new firmware 2017 ?

    When you calibrate, are you at least 15-20 ft from metal. Remove watch, keys, key fob, any blue tooth devices or other electronic devices. Keep your ST16 away also during the calibration. And don't forget concrete has metal regarding in it, so keep your distance from concrete to calibrate. Don't...
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    A bit more info on the 520 and camera

    I may have missed it somewhere in the posts. But while reading about the concerns of the CGO CI not being for the general users, I have not seen where they discussed the CGO3+, the improvements + Thank you Eyewingsuit. Looking forward to you results.
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    Yuneec Has A New Model the H520

    Thanks, Did you by any chance also test the new enhanced CGO3+ they mentioned?