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Recent content by journeyman

  1. J

    Ask what you want to see with the 520

    Did people give up on this thread?
  2. J

    Which software to use for film making?

    Davinci Resolve free version is fantastic
  3. J

    New Firmware

    @dxer @RGilmore thanks for the update. I know you mentioned more details will follow closer to launch, but can you expand slightly on the "different modes"? Thanks.
  4. J

    New Firmware

    Anyone heard anything about the firmware update???? Getting to the point of considering selling the H520.
  5. J

    Charging st16s and H520 battery at same time ?

    My transformer blew. I now only charge the controller from an old phone charger as it gets tremendously hot otherwise.
  6. J

    H520 now downgraded back to V1.1.11 from 1.2.0

    That's good to know. My flight times plummeted too. Was getting 24 minutes before upgrade. Now it's about on par with my DJI Spark...
  7. J

    There goes Yuneec's Data Pilot USP

    Sorry. It was a cynical post after a bottle of wine and surfing the internet for drone info from CES :-\ Shouldn't do that in hind site ;-)
  8. J

    There goes Yuneec's Data Pilot USP

    Maybe the 2nd hand value of my H520 will allow me to buy one
  9. J

    There goes Yuneec's Data Pilot USP

    Apparently $1000 buys you this...
  10. J

    CES 2018; Yuneec 3 announces: Typhoon H Plus, Firebird FPV airplane and HD racer drones

    @PatR I have my fingers crossed that the H+ is being positioned as a dumbed down version of the H520 with some hand-holding and some limitations for non-commercial users (such as the airspace restrictions, etc), but still contains a majority of the (proposed) H520 capability - assuming that...
  11. J

    Typhoon H plus released??

    Maybe they should have painted the H520 dayglow yellow to be more lemon-like instead of orange...
  12. J

    Typhoon H plus released??

    Agree. Feeling a little dejected at shelling out thousands on what feels like a half finished product, to have it superceded by the kind of drone I thought it was going to be for less money. Hopefully they'll make sure the H520 gets the camera features they've been promising, such as histogram...
  13. J

    Now that DataPilot is released

    @Bob520 - LEGEND!
  14. J

    DroneU podcast on merits of H520

    ADU 0715: Why didn't we use the Yuneec H520 to shoot our mapping course? - Drone U™ Pretty long winded and full of self promotion at the beginning, but the bulk of the discussion is on the merits of using the H520 in comparison to a P4. They seem to love the H520 on the whole. The main issue...
  15. J

    Now that DataPilot is released

    Haydn, apologies for being ignorant, but can you expand upon your point. I'm naively grasping onto any hope that this product can match the DJI crowd.