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Recent content by Merlin

  1. Merlin

    How much for new ST16+ controller?

    Pity they don't ship to the UK
  2. Merlin

    BBC show selection of drones including Typhoon

    It's amazing how cheap they are on eBay! Wink, Wink :p
  3. Merlin

    BBC show selection of drones including Typhoon

    Drone challenge: 2016's top models get put to the test - BBC News
  4. Merlin

    How fast is the Typhoon H pro

    Even if she flys well today it must knock your confidence. I've been lucky with my Typhoon so far but it's always in the back of my mind that she might just decide to fly away one day. This happened to me once with a small cheap drone and all I could think about was what damage it could...
  5. Merlin

    Turning off follow / watch in Smart mode - brain fade

    My understanding is that you can't switch it off.. However, you can still manually control the camera so it should not cause too many issues.
  6. Merlin

    Typhoon H CG03+ Video

    I can't see any pulsing. Could it be your monitor?
  7. Merlin


    I've had a quick look on my phone and I see what you mean. I'll take a better look when I get home. Thanks anyway.
  8. Merlin


    You are a Star!
  9. Merlin


    Hi Brian , Can you let me know when I can download it? Thanks
  10. Merlin


    Not in particular, its just nice to have a manual to hand when you need one. It would be nice to know more about the Realsense but its not the end of the World.
  11. Merlin


    Hi has anyone see a Typhoon H manual later than version 1.1? Ideally in English :)
  12. Merlin

    Disassemble Stephanie!

    Very interesting.
  13. Merlin

    Green Arrow Explained

    Great tip. Thank you.
  14. Merlin

    Fantastic Flights ... no footage (corrupt card!)

    There are a LOT of fake SD cards being sold online. I've even been sold a fake by a major high street retailer, who I should say apologised and replaced it It is quite difficult to spot these fakes until you actually bought them. When you receive the card but at some point your device will...
  15. Merlin

    HOWTO: Update E, F, J, K to Standard (A) firmware, if latest version is already installed (v3.04)

    How do Yuneec UK feel about you using the A version?